Genealogies of the Holden, Thinnes, Hull, Robitzer, Clark, Frank and Higbee Families
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1846 Medernach census-Mathias Holzemer household <a href='http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=pv&GRid=43224811&PIpi=35433264'>Grave of David, Eliz, Lucinda Higbee on FAG</a> <a href='http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=pv&GRid=43354591&PIpi=40302533'>Samuel Blackmore Grave on FAG</a> Adah Hull King Grave Alexandra Unknown Amelia (Robitzer) Ross, death certificate
Angelique Reuter birth record Anna (Reuter) Thinnes Rottmeister Anna (Thinnes) Holden Anna (Thinnes) Holden Anna (Thinnes) Holden, baby Anna (Thinnes) Holden, child Anna Barbara (Luckel) Robitzer, death, 1807 Anna Barbara Robitzer,death record, 27 Feb 1751, Uttwiller Anna Bernauer age 11 Anna Margaretha (Nieffer) Robitzer, death record 1759, Uttwiller
Anna Margaretha Robitzer, death record, 13 Nov 1743, Uttwiller Anna Margaretha Robitzer, death record, 19 Dec 1762, Uttwiller Anna Margaretha Robitzer, death record, 22 Jun 1767, Uttwiller Anna Mary Bernauer, 1883 Anna Mary Bernauer, age 11 Anna Petesch death record Anna Rottmeister Anne Marie Reuter, birth record, 1823 Arminna Frank Arthur Bates
Arthur Bates Sr Arthur Bates, boy Arvilla (Phillips) Louden Barbara (Grasser) Reuter death record Barbara Luckel, birth, 27 Jan 1751, Schillersdorf Bashara Hull Birth Acte of Anna Thinnes, 1863 Birth Acte of Helene Thinnes Birth Acte of Marie Thinnes, 1867 Birth Acte of Matthew Thinnes
Birth Acte of Pierre Holzmer Birth certificate of Anna Katherine Reuter Birth Certificate of Elizabeth Jungers Birth of Anton Peter Thinnes Birth of Michel Thinnes, 1859 Birth of Peter Thinnes, 1821 Blanche Sebus Blanche Sebus Blanche Sebus Blanche Sebus
Budd Farm 1740 CAT Plane Catherine (Wolf) Korf Catherine Crausen death record Charles A Ross and Amelia C Blind marriage record Charles Albert Ross death certificate Charles Korf Charlie Korf Chester Congregational Church Chester Congregational Church
Christianne Bernauer Christina (Thinnes) Sebus Christina Sebus Claudius Reuter death record Conrad Frank Family Cordelia (Hull) Phillips Cordelia Hull Cordelia Hull David S & Margaret (Cloud) Holdren Death Acte of Anna Thinnes
Death acte of Helena Thinnes Death Acte of Michel Thinnes, 1859 Death certificate of Anna Katherine (Reuter) Thinnes Rottmeister Edgar and Hazel Holden as children Edgar Holden Edgar Holden as baby Edgar Holden Family with 1921 car 'Ferdinand' Edgar Holden with son Paul Edgar Holden, Sr with nephew Edgar W Holden, Sr
Edgar W Holden, Sr Edgar, Anna, Bill and Paul Holden Edie (Barr) Holden Edward A Kadel Edward and Maude (Holden) Kadel Edward and Maude Kadel Edward Eichenlaub Jr and Celia M. May, marriage record Effie (Frank) Thinnes Effie (Frank) Thinnes Effie (Frank) Thinnes
Effie (Frank) Thinnes painting Effie (Frank) Thinnes, child Effie Stein Effie Stein Hart
Effie Thinnes, Anna, Edie and Paul Holden Elizabeth (Lillie) & Emma Frank Emma (Ross) Kennedy death certificate Emma Lang Holden Ethel and Lil Frank Eva Barbara Robitzer, death record 26 Feb 1760, Uttwiller

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