Genealogies of the Holden, Thinnes, Hull, Robitzer, Clark, Frank and Higbee Families
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Welcome to my genealogy web page. The main lineages I am researching are listed below. You can click on the individuals to be taken to their descendant charts or use the search boxes above.

Dennis Hold(r)en and Mariah Andress
George Frank and Anna Loebeline
William Frank and Mary Phillips
Mathes Robitzer and Maria Ferbers

John Hygbed
Obadiah Higbee and Anna Brower
Richard Hull
Trustrum Hull and Elizabeth Bescherrer
Bashara Hull and Rhoda Higbee
Cordelia Hull and William Phillips
John Clarke
Hiram R. Clark and Hannah Tuthill

Joannis Thinnes and Catherine Kieffer
Cyrus Clark and Susanna Richardson

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Latest News
24 May 2019

     Recent DNA matches along with family trees and known historical events suggest that my mother's father may have been Grigoriy Rodionovich Gripas. Little is known of him but his brother was born in Sencha, Poltava, Ukraine, so it is likely he was too. Grigoriy went to Harbin, China at the time of the Russian revolution and remained there at least 15 years. He tried to return to Russia, probably sometime in the mid-1930s, in the hope of the amnesty promised by Stalin. He was retained at a gulag at the border where he died. More information is available at each of the individual's page.

13 Dec 2018
    My ancestor Cyrus Clark's wife was Susannah. Early genealogies had her maiden name as Ransom and gave her son Hiram a middle name of Ransom. No record has shown Hiram with a middle name.
    Evidence suggests that Susannah was a Richardson and possibly a daughter of Gershom. A history of Cortland and surrounding counties, New York, describes Gershom Richardson's arrival with two Clark sons-in-law. Certainly Cyrus lived in the same town, Scott, as Gershom, and had close dealings with him.
    DNA evidence lends even more credence to this hypothesis. I have many matches on the same chromosomal segments who are Richardson descendants.
    I have place Gershom as Susannah's father but with a question mark. This is NOT PROVEN!

HEINCKE ANCESTORS - A brick wall torn down!
    A very old Family Bible dating to before 1707 with family entries provided the names of the parents and siblings, and correct spelling of her maiden name, of my 2nd great grandmother, Louisa (Heincke) Robitzer. Her brother's Erie County, NY, gravestone provided the name of the ancestral town in Mecklenburg, Germany. Many Mecklenburg church and census records are online including from the towns of origin of the Heincke and allied families. Check out the images from the Bible and church records linked to the individuals.

12 May 2012 - I am requiring registration to see everything on the site because in my previous web sites, wholesale copying, downloading and redistributing was a real problem. While I am happy to share, I don't want my photos being offered back to me by people I don't know and who aren't connected.

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